Student Receives Christ

Pam is a member of a small group led by a China worker. She is a very eager student who asks lots of questions and always looks for opportunities to practice her English. When a study on the book of Mark was offered, she was an enthusiastic student.

In the study, she showed deep spiritual insight for one who does not have a Christian background. A few months into the study Pam was asked if she was interested in trusting in Christ but, like many people in China, a few months of learning was not enough for her trust in the Lord. She needed more time to make sure this was something she wanted to do, something that she could trust her life to. Because becoming a Christian is more than a private decision, it would affect her job and her relationships. Later in the study, the group discussed Mark 10—the rich young ruler. The rich young ruler didn’t believe because he wasn’t willing to give up his wealth. When Pam was asked what was holding her back from believing, she said, “Nothing. Now I am willing.” That day she prayed to God for her salvation.

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