Rallying Round

The motorbike whizzed around the corner. It was going too fast and couldn’t stay in its lane. From the opposite direction came Jane and Quinn, along with their driver. The high-speed impact was unavoidable.

Jane, a Chinese linguistic student at the university in Thailand, had been surrounded by believers throughout her studies. As a result, she slowly progressed from looking down on Christianity to eventually accepting God’s claim on her life. Jane thought a long time before making a decision to follow Christ, and was discipled by Chinese believers in the area.

She was nearing the end of her time in Thailand when her husband, Quinn, came to visit. She hadn’t told him about her decision to follow Christ and didn’t know how he, a party member in China, would respond.

However, when she did tell him, he was supportive and said he liked what he had seen in her Christian friends. A couple of days later, the accident happened.

I had left my friends earlier than usual because I wasn’t feeling well. Less than 10 minutes after I returned home I received a phone call telling me there had been an accident. It was the driver, who knew I lived just five minutes down the road.

When I reached the scene, I saw Jane and Quinn lying motionless on the side of the road. I feared the worst. With my heart racing I approached them and cried out in relief as Quinn turned his head towards me.

Soon there was activity all around us. The ambulance arrived and first aid workers began attending to my friends. It became clear that Quinn had broken his leg and Jane had suffered a head wound. The driver escaped with some nasty road burns. Although both Jane and Quinn’s injuries were serious, it could have been worse.

Once at the hospital, a Thai friend whom I had phoned in the midst of all the chaos joined us and translated for Jane. Quinn, however, couldn’t speak English or Thai. But praise God, we knew another student, an American who had lived in China for two years. He was able to get to the hospital quickly and translate for Quinn.

We were told that Quinn needed surgery on his leg and that both he and Jane needed to remain at the hospital. The Thai friend, who was also a Christian, stayed with them.

The other accident victim was shaken but okay. He couldn’t return to his house; there had been a flood and, because of his wounds, the dirty water was especially dangerous. So he stayed with me for a week until the flood waters receded.

The next day, several of us went to the hospital and prayed with Jane and Quinn. A Vietnamese believer sang a hymn and we shared some verses of scripture. But when we finally had to leave it was obvious that Quinn was still very upset and that Jane was finding it hard to come to terms with what had happened.

Fortunately, after a couple of days of praying and continuing to watch over them, we realized what was troubling Quinn. He had no knowledge of surgery or modern medical procedures, didn’t know what a plaster cast was or what it was doing on his leg, and was convinced he’d never walk again.

When he returned to the ward, we explained that his leg was just broken and that he would probably be back to normal in a couple of months. Once Quinn realized this, his face lit up and his attitude immediately changed to one of profound relief.

Jane, meanwhile, was still struggling, but she kept hold of her faith and was eventually able to praise the Lord that, despite the pain and the trauma, she knew God was still in control and works all things for our good.

We continued to look in on Jane and Quinn until they were discharged from hospital. After they left, a Japanese Christian and his wife took Jane and Quinn into their home to care for them. Then student believers took up an offering and paid Quinn’s medical bills. (Jane’s bills were covered by school insurance.)

The accident gave us many opportunities to share Christ’s love with Jane and Quinn and resulted in Quinn seriously considering Christianity for himself.

We moved our weekly prayer meeting to the house where Jane and Quinn were staying so they could be take part. Testimonies were shared by all three accident victims and everyone went away encouraged.

Jane admitted that her faith was weak but she wanted to grow stronger and asked us to pray for her. Quinn was impressed by the love he had experienced and told Jane that he would push her to become a stronger Christian, though he didn’t want her to pushhim.

He needed more time, he said, to think things through – although he was seriously considering becoming a Christian.

Jane is now doing well, growing in her faith and considering how best to serve God when she and Quinn eventually return to China.

Names changed to protect identities.

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