One in a Million

He didn’t know when it first started – or why – but Am, a young Thai man, gradually became more and more disillusioned with Buddhism as a way of life.

As he continued his search for the truth, Am began to read more and more about Christianity and, as a result, learned how open and loving Christians could be.

One day Am asked Nit, a teacher at the technical college he went to in Thailand, if she was a Christian. (There was something different about her, though he couldn’t put his finger on it.)

When Nit said, ‘Yes, I’m a believer,’ Am told her that he also wanted to follow Jesus. Amazingly, he was led to the Lord on the spot.

Am now meets with an OMF missionary every Tuesday to read the Bible, discuss what it says and pray. He comes to church regularly and shares his faith with his fellow students, even though they often distance themselves from him or make fun of Am’s new beliefs.

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