Local Law

Chau Seo Giao is a Hmong Christian leader in northern Vietnam. One day, the local authorities came to his house and took him away for interrogation. Chau was held for 24 hours without food or water. The authorities wanted him to give up his faith and lead the people back to their traditional animistic practices.

This is in direct violation of national legislation on religious freedom which protects against forced recantations of faith. Do the legislators in Hanoi know the rules are being violated? Probably yes. Are they deliberately turning a blind eye? Maybe not. Establishing the rule of law on any matter is difficult, especially in remote communities.

For 30 years God has been doing remarkable things among the Hmong. In 1975 there were no known believers. Today, thanks mainly to I Christian radio broadcasts reaching their remote locations, more than 300,000 of the 1.2 million Hmong I are believers. Some 123 tribal congregations have been officially registered and joined the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (North)- significantly more than the number of Viet Kinh congregations registered. Once registered, Hmong Christians will be legally able to participate in the Bible training offered by the ECVN, and hopefully their situation will improve. But more than 1,000 churches are still awaiting registration in the mountainous northwest provinces.


  • Praise God for his work among the Hmong!
  • Pray for the small number of Hmong pastors to be able to continue working without persecution or fear.
  • Pray for the large numbers of Hmong believers now living in the central highlands, having fled persecution in the north. They still face significant difficulties from local authorities.

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