"I Did It For You"

The Gideons gave young Jau-Chi a copy of the New Testament at his junior high school. As a student in southern Taiwan, he grew up in a family which followed the traditional Taiwanese beliefs. Still, Jau-Chi was intrigued with what the book had to say. He often took his New Testament into the bathroom and read the interesting stories in it, though none of it made sense to him.

Years later, God made the book’s meaning clearer. After high school, Jau-Chi entered college in 2002 as a chemistry major. One day while he was playing cards with his neighbor in the dorm, two upperclassmen came to visit. They had met Jau-Chi’s neighbor at an evangelistic English camp and were inviting him to a Christian fellowship meeting. They asked Jau-Chi if he would like to come to their meetings as well. Having nothing else to do, he decided to go.

The meeting was unlike anything Jau-Chi had ever seen. It was the first time he heard Christians pray or sing songs. But there was something about it he liked.

He continued to attend the meetings. The Bible studies focused on Genesis and the one true God. This differed greatly from both Jau-Chi’s religious upbringing – polytheism – and his education, which stressed evolution, not a Creator God. Jau-Chi continued to investigate Christianity, though he harbored many doubts.

But that soon changed. Jau-Chi attended a weekend evangelistic retreat, at which he watched a short video of Jesus’ life. He thought in his heart, “Why would the Son of God come to this world, endure such pain and die on the cross?” Suddenly, he seemed to hear the voice of the Lord answering him: “Child, I did it for you.”

Jau-Chi committed his life to Christ right there. He was eventually baptized, on Easter Sunday 2004. Though naturally quiet and shy, Jau-Chi soon took positions of leadership among his fellow Christians. He led the freshman outreach to students at his university. Later, he was asked to lead a small group. While riding his motorcycle and considering taking a break from ministry, a song flashed through his mind. As he thought about the words, he knew he would lead the small group.

Jau-Chi is now one of the up front leaders among the students. One evening after he had done an especially good job of leading, the missionary observed that it was amazing that he now was willing and able to take leadership since he had such a quiet personality. Jau-Chi answered, “I wouldn’t if I weren’t a Christian.”

Jau-Chi now reads his Bible and prays for an hour each day. However, despite his growth in Christ and heart for his fellow students, Jau-Chi has still not dared to tell his parents about his decision to follow Christ. This is an issue affecting many young Taiwanese believers. Pressure to practice ancestor worship and go to the local temple is strong. Students who become Christians may face persecution from their parents and other family members. Pray for students like Jau-Chi, that they would be “salt and light” among their family and friends.

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