First Prayer

By Brianna Martin

Nathan and Brianna Martin have served in Cambodia with OMF International since 2009. They recently moved to Snuol in the eastern part of the country near the Vietnam border. Until recent years, the area had been almost completely untouched by the gospel.

One of my great joys recently has been spending time walking around Snuol with Wei Wei, who has served here for several years. She walks almost everywhere so that she can get to know people and be a part of their lives. We walk, talk, visit and pray.

Everywhere she goes, Wei Wei takes a bag of Christian books with her that people can borrow to read. One afternoon, we climbed up some steep wooden stairs to sit and talk with a grandmother who Wei Wei regularly visits. The grandmother can’t see well, so she has her grandchildren read to her.

This day, she was distressed because her granddaughter was quite sick. From the description, Wei Wei thought it was a kidney problem. They had brought the girl from her village and the next day were taking her for the third time to a facility about an hour away, a very expensive journey. Wei Wei took the grandmother by the hand and asked her if she would like to ask Jesus for help. Her son scoffed, her daughter-in-law looked away and laughed, but the grandmother said yes.

Wei Wei began teaching her about prayer, and then, like a child learning walk, the grandmother said her very first prayer to Jesus. I was so touched by her sincerity. When she finished, she said she was afraid she didn’t do it right or that it wasn’t beautiful enough; it seemed too simple. But the next day her granddaughter was well and has been ever since! God is making himself known, but community pressure still makes it hard for her to become a Christ follower. Would you pray for ones like this in Snuol? May God give them courage to be known as his.

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