Chandi, who comes from Snuol, is 16. Having heard about Jesus, she became convinced that only he could save her from sin and death. But, being an obedient daughter, she asked her mother’s permission before receiving Christ as Savior.

She was so happy that day!

However, a few days later she started avoiding us. We learned that her father, a fortune-teller, had stopped her from coming to church and attending Bible studies.

“All religions are the same,” he argued, before adding, “And I don’t want you to abandon Buddhism.”

Discouraged, we asked some prayer partners and colleagues to pray. The following Sunday, we heard someone shouting, “Teacher, teacher, do you have any Christian videos?” It was Chandi.

“Yes,” we said, “Why?”

“My father wants to watch the Jesus film,” she replied. So we gave her a copy and off she ran.

Two hours later, we began our weekly Bible study. Who was sitting there? Chandi. Her father had watched the film and said, “Go and join the worship.”

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