Against the Odds

Hang had always been a regular church member, but more and more she felt the Lord calling her to give up her job and devote herself to full-time ministry. She began to visit people in her local area, sharing the gospel with everyone she met. Several turned to God.

The nearest church was too far away for these poor neighbors to attend, so before long a small group started meeting regularly in Hang’s home o sing and study the Bible together. As lumbers grew, Hang enlisted the help of an elder from her church, and together they started Sunday services. A congregation of bout 80 people now meets in a purpose-built building on land next to Hang’s louse. Son lived with his family in one of the poorest suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. Their neighborhood was largely populated by factory workers who worked long hours doing repetitive manual labor. Wages are low – a factory worker may only earn around $70 per month. Most live in cramped accommodations, sharing dormitories with other factory workers.

Like most of the working class neighborhoods, there was no church in Son’s suburb. But Son was a Christian and desperate to share God’s love with the people around him. So he completed some Bible training and began to build friendships with his neighbors. One lady became a believer and soon several of her friends wanted to hear about Jesus, too. A small group is now meeting every week in Son’s house. The ECVN in Ho Chi Minh City set a vision for each church to plant a new church within the next five years.


  • Praise God that many m Vietnam have captured the vision to plant more churches and are reaching non-believers.
  • Pray for bold believers who are willing to relocate to new areas in order to spread the gospel.
  • Pray for Vietnamese who hear the gospel in the cities to form fledgling churches when they return to their rural hometowns.

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