A Release from Pain

The OMF International workers arrived to see their friend lying injured on his bed. He had been in a tractor accident two months ago and still needed crutches. His non-believing mother sat beside him, urging them to pray.

“Do you want Jesus Christ to come and heal you?” they asked.

“Yes,” he said.

As the workers prayed, heat shot through the man’s leg and foot. When he stood, the pain was gone. His wife rushed into the room as he told his mother about his healing. All three put their faith in Christ that day.

Months later, idols remained on the family’s shelf and the man’s love for God was fading. He went on a trip outside the country and pain came back to his leg. Unable to find someone to help, he remembered the missionaries saying he could pray to Christ himself. He did, and his leg began shaking. Then the pain stopped. The father renewed his commitment to Christ but his faith has much room to grow. His wife and mother continue to seek the Lord.

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