A New Man

More than 150,000 Sunny people live in fear of spirits in Laos. But, as one Sunny man now testifies, Jesus is more powerful …

Meet Tongsin. A man you may never meet this side of heaven, but a man you should definitely know. A man who lives very far away among a cluster of So villages surrounded by beautiful mountains in Laos.

Several years ago, Tongsin lost his three-year-old daughter. We might call it disease, but the Sunny people call it spirits. That is all Tongsin and his family before him has ever known – the worship of spirits and ancestors. Not only did the spirits take away his daughter, but they began to torment his mind, to the point where he was no longer in control of his mind or body. For a time he lived liked a demonized madman in the surrounding jungle near the cemetery. Come nightfall he would sneak into the village and steal food.

It became so dire that the villagers, for everyone’s safety, built a cage out of wood and bamboo to restrain him. Spirit doctors tried their best mantras and enchantments, but no one could help Tongsin. Nothing worked until a friend from a nearby village decided to “beg to Jesus” for him. His friend did not know much about Jesus (in fact he doesn’t even follow Jesus anymore), yet the prayer worked!

Tongsin was now in his right mind and began telling the villagers what had happened to him. Thinking he was still crazy, they caged him for a second time and for good measure they also bound his hands and his feet. At this, Tongsin prayed to Jesus and the bonds on his hands immediately fell off. No one could deny any longer that he was a changed man.

Now Tongsin wanted to learn so much more about this Jesus. Not long after he sought a very old Christian leader in a nearby town. Tongsin was instructed to rid himself of every idol, charm, trinket and belief that had to do with the demons and the old way of bondage and to trust, follow and pray to Jesus with his whole heart. Since that day, Tongsin has been free from all afflictions and the sound of praise can be heard from his little thatched house every Sunday morning. He and his entire household believe.

In the last two years, Tongsin and his family have led more than 35-40 Sunny people to the Lord. His faith is so contagious that many are coming to him for prayer, healing, and freedom from demons.

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