A New Birth

After divorcing her husband, Sue, with her daughter, Tess, was barely surviving. On May 29, both of them were born again and became children of God. Hallelujah! Praise God who grants them eternal life!

Her life was full of broken relationships causing her constant headaches and deep scars in her heart. For 45 years she followed and worshipped Buddhism and her spirit was dead in darkness. Buddhist amulets were always dangling on her neck and she took her daughter to the temple, bowing down before the Buddha image, and brought amulets for their protection and as good luck charms.

About one year ago, Ester got acquainted with her and since then we have been praying for her salvation every Wednesday. Five months ago Ester began studying the Bible with Sue and prepared to receive Jesus. Due to many deep hurts we did not know how to help her or how to start the healing process, we were exhausted by the spiritual battle of dealing with her. However, God never gave up on her and was patient until she returned to him. Sue and her daughter finally turned to God completely.

Since receiving Christ she’s been severely attacked spiritually. She tried to throw the idols away and is reading the Bible so that God’s word will be rooted in her life. She is one of many Thai people who are lost in darkness. Pray that God continually brings people from Thailand to Himself.

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