Pastors Need Prayer Too

By Dr. Will Bruce A delegation of American pastors visiting Charles Spurgeon asked him the secret of his success. In response, Spurgeon led them to the lower level of his church and quietly [...]

Praying for Buddhists

by Alex Smith Praise the Lord of the Church that “a people for his name” will be established among every unreached Buddhist nation, tribe, people and tongue. (Revelation 7:9-10) Bind the forces [...]

Praying for One Another

by Dr. Will Bruce Every Christian in our modern world is under constant satanic pressure and attack. We must bear one another’s burdens as we see these pressures escalating. We can and must do it [...]

Saturation Praying

by Dr. Will Bruce I. Saturation Praying Saturation praying is praying in which we share, then unite our hearts with other believers, and zero in on the target with specific and full coverage of [...]

The Prayer of Faith

by J. O. Fraser The first missionary to the Lisu people of the Upper Salween was going through a deep testing. It was not the privation, nor the loneliness of this isolated outpost, nor the [...]

God of the Speechless

A tearful mother and her only child sat on the bamboo platform outside their one-roomed shack in a village in the central plains of a Southeast Asian country. At nine years old, Mie Mie should [...]

A House Divided

Hoa is an energetic Christian businesswoman in Ho Chi Minh City, married with two young children. For all her liveliness, her eyes brim with tears whenever she talks about her children and how [...]

Bridging the Gap

Vietnamese people grow up with a mixture of traditional ancestor worship and folk Buddhism, in addition to the more recent communist atheistic teaching. Within their understanding, Ong Troi, or [...]

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