Praying for Buddhists

by Alex Smith Praise the Lord of the Church that “a people for his name” will be established among every unreached Buddhist nation, tribe, people and tongue. (Revelation 7:9-10) Bind the forces [...]

The Prayer of Faith

by J. O. Fraser The first missionary to the Lisu people of the Upper Salween was going through a deep testing. It was not the privation, nor the loneliness of this isolated outpost, nor the [...]

God of the Speechless

A tearful mother and her only child sat on the bamboo platform outside their one-roomed shack in a village in the central plains of a Southeast Asian country. At nine years old, Mie Mie should [...]

Bridging the Gap

Vietnamese people grow up with a mixture of traditional ancestor worship and folk Buddhism, in addition to the more recent communist atheistic teaching. Within their understanding, Ong Troi, or [...]

Tam’s “Adoption”

Tam came from a poor rural family. His parents already had seven older children, and Tam was just one too many in all the mouths they had to feed. Unable to care for him, his parents sent him to [...]

Theological Challenges

Lam became a Christian when he was 17. He moved to the town looking for a job and joined a house church there. Being the best educated among tem, he quickly ended up leading the group. Lam didn’t [...]

Against the Odds

Hang had always been a regular church member, but more and more she felt the Lord calling her to give up her job and devote herself to full-time ministry. She began to visit people in her local [...]

A New Birth

After divorcing her husband, Sue, with her daughter, Tess, was barely surviving. On May 29, both of them were born again and became children of God. Hallelujah! Praise God who grants them eternal [...]

Leaving Darkness

Mrs. Z, A former devout Buddhist mother, 40, started going to church regularly back in the summer. She came because she feared darkness and couldn’t sleep at night. After accepting Christ and [...]

Rallying Round

The motorbike whizzed around the corner. It was going too fast and couldn’t stay in its lane. From the opposite direction came Jane and Quinn, along with their driver. The high-speed impact was [...]

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