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It is nine months since we started learning the Thai language in Lopburi and attending a local church. At first it was nice to be back with people we knew, as we had visited this church some seven years ago. But soon it got more difficult. After several weeks you discover how little you actually understand of the language. You understand scattered words, that’s all. You start to recognize some catchy tunes from the songs you try to sing, but really singing along is too hard. All of that changes a little bit when you start to read, but reading is also very difficult. Everything displayed on the PowerPoint becomes a puzzle. AndbecauseThaiiswrittenwithoutspacingyouhavetoguesswhichsyllablesbelongtogether.

After being at the language school for seven months, we started learning some Bible stories. That was like a big revelation. Slowly but steady we started to comprehend what the preacher was saying and what we were (supposed) to sing. What a difference it makes when the script doesn’t look like it came from Mars anymore. You get to know the words and you are again able to not only sing them with your mouth but also with your heart: ‘’Kwaamwangrauwyuunaipraong ความหวังใจเราอยู่ในพระองค์ My hope is in you Lord!’’

Ewoud and Gerjo Koning

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