Kevin is in his 30s but he looks much older. He had some health problems when he was a baby. That made his head bigger and face wider than the average person. Kevin’s dad passed away when he was in high school. He then dropped out from high school because of financial difficulties. His appearance and lack of skills made it difficult for him to get a job.

I got to know Kevin and his mum, Jan, through the food bank ministry. Every time I delivered stuff to them, I always told them about Jesus. When Jan sensed love from the Christians, she started showing interested in getting to know more about Jesus. We then started a weekly bible study group at their home.

After a few months of bible study, she was converted and accepted Jesus as her Saviour. She also asked to be baptized this coming Easter Sunday. Kevin attended the bible study for a while however he lost interest and stopped attending.

Please pray that Kevin will know that he is valuable and precious in God’s eyes and is willing to know Him more. He might feel lonely and rejected by society, but brothers and sisters in Christ are waiting for him to come find a home in the Church.

– Lucy Eastwood, Church Planter

(Taiping, Central Taiwan)

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