In Taiwan, Christmas is not a public holiday nor a day for spending with family. Christians and churches prioritise this time for sharing the good news with their friends and families. The Shopworkers’ Church each year organises parties across the city at different venues where church members can invite their workmates.

This year there are 14 parties planned. There will be singing, something lively such as a local dance, a few games, a short testimony, and some gifts. Often these gifts include home-made biscuits/cookies with the flavours of cinnamon and orange, made by the church restaurant single mothers, and include a beautiful article about Christmas. In all, well over 100 people attend these parties over the month of December. Our church members work hard the whole month helping at these different parties.

Where our church meets in an apartment block, there is also another bigger Christmas event, inviting all the local neighbours and those who eat at the church restaurant. At this church event, acting out the Christmas story with the kids is well-received. Through these events, the church makes new contacts. Church members take responsibility to follow up their friends and co-workers. With New Year following on and then Chinese New Year soon after, many new friends join the events on these days, and hear more about the Christian faith. In time it becomes their own faith. And by the grace of God the church grows.

Please pray for the parties which the church will hold throughout December. Pray for the church members who will invite their friends and follow up on their interest. Pray that there will be those who will hear and believe in the Good News.

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