“Are you looking down on me?”

Taiwan is a shame-based culture.  Their sense of good and bad comes not from themselves, but from others.  Feeling shameful is even more common among the working class whom we serve.

Last Christmas, we went Christmas carolling.  We went to the streets, played a guitar, sang carols, gave out presents and prayed for the shop bosses.

We asked ourselves, “We sometimes feel embarrassed singing publicly.  Won’t our Taiwanese friends feel too ashamed to participate?”

The opposite happened.  Not only regulars joined, but also new seekers got involved in the singing and gift-giving.  Since then, these seekers kept coming to church and became part of the core group.

What is happening?  Why didn’t our Taiwanese friends feel ashamed?

Could it be because, through the church’s Christmas outreach, they felt that they could contribute to the community, and so they can gain a sense of honour?  To find out, we will invite them again this year for more public celebration of Christmas.  Pray for our Taiwanese friends to understand that our sin is bad because it is against God; yet we are made good and honourable not because of ourselves, but because of our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Pray that this happens during various Christmas outreaches in Puxin on 5th, 19th, 20th and 22nd of December.

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