Celebrating the Christmas season with working class university students in DaShe, Kaohsiung is a sensory extravaganza. Cooking turkeys to excite their taste buds and fill their tummies.  Buying candles for singing Silent Night to excite their listening ears and make them glad.  Preparing decorations for the celebratory atmosphere to excite their eyes and make them smile this Christmas.

Additionally, aromatic apple pies and scented candles to prepare for a heavenly aroma.  Competing with the gentle touch of fingers to coax that last piece of decorative candy into place on Gingerbread houses for an amusing prize.

The students come to eat but stay to have fun. They come with their struggles and fears but feel the peace and hope through the ministry of songs, laughter and fellowship.  So they feel like they belong. They come with their friends but hear about the One who is closer than a brother. May each student be excited to know the grown up babe from Bethlehem, who loves them and longs to have them in His family of believers.

Please pray that when they students come they will have fun and hear the true meaning of Christmas. Lift up Brian who will be preaching the Christmas message in Chinese.  Pray that he will be clear and God honoring. Give thanks that we can freely celebrate Christmas in Taiwan.  Pray that we will bring this life-giving message to both Taiwanese and international students.

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