Christmas season is a busy time for the Shopworkers Church. The church organises a number of Christmas parties for shop workers each year. An idea came up as preparations were being made for the 14 parties this year.  The parties will be  held in seven different shopping centres in Taipei, and one in nearby Taoyuan City. “Could we also have a Christmas party in a location where there is no outreach for shop workers yet?”

After brainstorming, the team agreed to try organising a party in Hsinchu, a city one hour from Taipei.  The Missionary, Elizabeth, first went quietly to research the area. She prayed to the Lord while travelling down on the train.  “Lord, if it is your will we start a new ministry for shop workers in Hsinchu, please let me get to know 3 shop workers who would be willing to come to a Christian activity today.”

Right outside the train station was a big department store, called Sogo. With a bag full of evangelistic magazines and questionnaires, Elisabeth walked through the 10 levels while praying. She then started giving out the magazines and the questionnaires to the shop workers. An hour later, God answered her prayer by giving her names of 3 shop workers who showed interest in getting to know the Christian faith.

Elisabeth was overwhelmed by God’s great power. She went out of the department store to look for a place where she and her team could run Christmas party after 10pm, when department stores close. She crossed the road, and there it was! Right opposite Sogo she saw a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store that opens till midnight. Elisabeth’s heart was full of thankfulness. “Thank you Lord, that we can prepare for the first Christmas party for shop workers in Hsinchu”

  • Pray that the Lord will guide them to seekers when Elizabeth and her two co-workers do visitations in the Hsinchu’s department stores.
  • Pray that those who showed interest, will turn up at the Christmas party on December 17th
  • Pray for shop workers Siau Rung and Yin Ru, who have already started one-to-one bible studies with our team. Pray that they will open their hearts to Jesus and His Salvation.

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