Ian* is an OMF Japan missionary with over 20 years of experience in planting and leading churches. He has taught seminars to younger missionaries where he has shared his experiences and helped to inspire the next generation of church planters.

Eleanor is a kindergarten teacher in her home country. She volunteered one year of her time to come to Japan to help look after the many small children of OMF missionaries. While she looks after the children, missionaries have more time to focus on church work and language learning.

John is a scholarly missionary who keeps up with many of the latest publications and on-line videos. When he finds something that will help his colleagues with their work, he sends an email around with recommendations and links to follow.

One of OMF Japan field values is: “We serve in Community—as part of the body of Christ we work with each other, with our Japanese brothers and sisters, and with like-minded organizations.”

“Community” can mean the local church, or, as in the case of the three missionaries above, it can also mean the community of OMF Japan missionaries. Probably none of us could do the work of proclaiming salvation through Jesus Christ without the help and contribution of our colleagues. It’s in working together that we are most effective, and how we can show the world the importance of being part of the body of Christ.

*All names changed

By Ralph, an OMF missionary in Japan

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that we would effectively work together in OMF Japan.
  • Pray that Japanese people will see the value being part of the body of Christ through our actions.
  • Pray for wisdom in dealing with the challenges that come hand-in-hand with working closely together.


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