As usual, we did prayer walking around our neighborhood in Taiwan yesterday. I gave an elderly lady a pamphlet which she refused. She said that she’s a Buddhist and would throw away the pamphlet and waste our resources.

I told her that even though she didn’t want it, we could still be friends as we came from overseas and hope to know more locals. She happily entered into conversation with us. When we came near to a group of elderly ladies (her friends) she told them we are Christian and they should listen to us.

One of the elderly ladies, Aunty Lu had a huge tumor on her tummy. When Ruth asked if she could pray for her, another lady said, “No harm to believe in their God, you’ve worshipped Buddha for many years. Try Jesus instead.”

After Ruth prayed for her, she asked, “Where must I go to give thanks after my surgery is successful?”

For Aunty Lu and others, Jesus is another deity on the altar. Please pray for Aunty Lu to have a successful surgery and that we will have more opportunities to speak with them and share more of the hope we have in Christ.


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