“What is this?”, I asked an elderly grandmother.

She said that it’s a rock shrine.

“I didn’t know that people worshiped rocks in Taiwan. Is this true?” I asked.

She said that honestly, she didn’t know the purpose of this structure. Calling another grandma over to us, we asked, “What is this?

She, too, said she didn’t know.  Having just seen her worshiping it, I asked, “Didn’t you just worship it, though?

The grandma said, “Yes, I did, but I don’t know why. It just seemed right and it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

It turns out that some think that this rock shrine guards the area from evil spirits, a kind of spiritual defense system for the environment.  In this case, these rocks slabs are thought to protect the small park located next to it.


– Richard Lu, Wanhua Hope Team

(Taipei, Northern Taiwan)

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