Candace was one of the first OMF Serve Asia workers I worked with. I had only recently been trained in the administration side of Serve Asia: processing application papers, checking for references, and making budgets. Yes—all these things need to be done for people wanting to serve for two weeks to six months as short-term missionaries with OMF Japan.

Those tasks were overwhelming in themselves, but then I had to arrange some missionaries to host her, and that had fallen through. The opportunity that she saw on our website and thought she’d applied to come to do was no longer a possibility.

And now I had to meet her in person—I was literally trembling. At the time that I met her at the train station and did orientation with her, I hadn’t been able to set up a suitable schedule. There were large gaps and I knew she would be left somewhat on her own.

But at the end of her time in Tokyo I sat across from her during her debrief and she smiled. She told of opportunities God had opened up for her and missionaries God had put in her path; both had impacted her.

Somehow God used that Serve Asia trip in Candace’s life to move her heart and mobilize her to return to Japan. She is now in the application process to come as a two-year associate next spring, using her training in accounting to fill in for the field finance manager. God turned a seemingly blundered short-term trip into a triumphal long-term blessing.

By Susan, an OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • That our workers who work to set up good schedules for Serve Asia workers would know peace as they trust that God will provide just the right opportunities.
  • That Serve Asia workers would be flexible and have a heart that seeks opportunities, even if they aren’t what they expected.
  • That short-term workers who come to Japan would be willing to seek God’s leading for the longer-term.


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