Night market fun

One of the most common recreations in Taiwan is going to the night market.

There are at least two types of night markets around. One kind has mostly food, clothing and other kinds of shopping. The other kind of night market has also includes a lot of games for both kids and adults alike.

Our family goes to Chiayi’s biggest night market about once a month. Night markets are known for their yummy food, but we often find ourselves going just after dinner–so our focus is on something else. Games.

There are so many choices: bowling, ring throwing, baseball batting, etc. But our kids’ favorite is pinball. You can pay 30-100 NT and get lots of pinballs. Then you start putting them in a machine one by one and the fun begins. This simple game can go on and on for a long time, depending on how many points you get. When the game finishes, kids can pick a toy from the stall. It’s a simple game but a lot of fun.

When I was small I used to play it, and now our kids are getting the same experience.

– Annie Laurinkari, Church Planter
(Sanhe, Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan)

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