Before coming to Taiwan, we remember reading a missionary’s experience of Gua sha (aka coining): “Excruciating (she would prefer childbirth!). The skin is left with red marks and bruising which fades after a few days but the treatment has proven very effective.” This is a popular treatment for ailments in Taiwan, but Hiwin never thought that she would enjoy such scraping.

Getting to know Jane

In Puxin, Hiwin got to know Jane and her two preschooler daughters through local events. Jane is an active member in the community, connecting Hiwin with other key people in Puxin. She also welcomes Hiwin to visit her family every week, telling Bible stories to them.

Missionaries connecting by going out with local Taiwanese family

The value of visitaitons

We see value in visiting people’s family: we can know the person better, we can disciple her deeper, we can meet her social network for further discipleship, and we can help break down spiritual obstacles from her non-believing family members.

Once, Hiwin explained to Jane’s daughters about the difference between making a wish and praying, “Making a wish is focusing on what I want to happen, but praying is focusing on what God wants to happen.” While Hiwin was unsure how much the girls understood, Jane walked from the kitchen and said, “Oh, I never heard of that. I understand now.”

From the Taiwanese perspective, they may see our visitation as some kind of home tutoring. Maybe that is why many families would give us some small gifts upon our visits: it could be some home grown fruit or veggies, or other food items.

Jane and Gua Sha

For Jane, she offered to give Hiwin ‘gua sha’ treatment.

Despite the bruise marks, Hiwin’s body seems to welcome the treatment. When she feels under the weather, ‘gua sha’ takes away some of her symptoms. When she feels that her shoulder was too tense from office work, the scraping action makes her muscles relaxed.

Since then, Jason has watched youtube videos to learn how to give Hiwin the ‘gua sha’ service too.


– Jason & Hiwin, Church Planters

(Puxin Township, Changhua County, Central Taiwan)

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