The archives hold many stories of what God has done.

Telling these stories gives God the glory.

The Prayer for The Eighteen

It was the point at which the tide of all mission to China turned. Highlights such as the Cambridge Seven have blinded us to this more significant event. Taking place in the shadows of personal weakness and public indifference, a movement began which quickly led to the gospel reaching the far corners of China. The Prayer for [...]

Pioneering in Nosuland by A. J. Broomhall

This stirring article by Dr. A. J. Broomhall from the Australian edition of China's Millions in 1950 provides a vivid account of the pioneering work among the Nosu in turbulent times of the Communist revolution. He reviews the Lord's faithful guidance and provision amidst immense challenges faced before and after he moved to Chaokioh (Zhaojue) [...]

“Hymns of the Everlasting Hills: The Written Word in an Oral Culture in Southwest China”

Walter McConnell, Head of OMF Mission Research, reviews the PhD dissertation “Hymns of the Everlasting Hills: The Written Word in an Oral Culture in Southwest China” by Aminta Arrington Walter McConnell, Head of OMF Mission Research, reviews the PhD dissertation “Hymns of the Everlasting Hills: The Written Word in an Oral Culture in Southwest China” by Aminta [...]

William Fleming—“Gospel Shark”: The First CIM Missionary Martyr

From the beginning, danger was one of the key motifs found in the records of missionaries of the China Inland Mission. The frequent itinerant evangelistic trips taken by Hudson Taylor and his colleagues to the inland parts of China increased the risk factors that they faced far beyond their counterparts who remained in the Treaty [...]

A. J. Broomhall: A Missiological Practitioner

This article presents a biosketch of Alfred James Broomhall and examines his role in the formation of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in the years after he was forced to leave China. It shows how A. J. Broomhall proved more than useful to the committees he served on during his years as a superintendent in Mindoro, [...]

With Bethel in Manchuria, 1931

This excerpt from Leslie Lyall’s inspiring account of the Bethel Bands—a significant indigenous evangelistic movement in China in the first half of the twentieth century—recounts the evangelistic work in Manchuria in 1931 by Andrew Gih, John Sung, Frank Ling, Lincoln Nieh and Philip Lee when the political tension was at breaking point. Son of an [...]

How Indigenous Are the OMF Asian Home Councils? Tracing the History of their Establishment

This paper recounts the birth and development of OMF’s Asian Home Councils, points out the key issues faced by these councils, identifies changes that have emerged over the years, and considers whether Asian Home Councils can be legitimately considered indigenous. Koyuki Sami joined OMF in 1992. She worked among the urban and rural poor in [...]

Extract from China’s Millions (1877): Plan of the Operation of the China Inland Mission

This article from China's Millions (April 1877) describes the CIM's plan to move into the nine inland provinces lacking missionary witness. The journeys made by these young men covered thousands of miles. Traveling by foot, horseback, and boat, they faced danger from the terrain, bandits, and illness. More details of these amazing journeys can be [...]

First missionaries sent by Korean Home Council

The year 1965 opened a new chapter in the history of Overseas Missionary Fellowship when work began to set up Asian Home Councils in East Asian countries where OMF had been working. In Korea, the Home Council was formally launched in June 1980. Byun Jae Chang and his wife Byun Cho Eran were the first [...]

Who Will Pick Up the Torch?

George King was born in China where his parents served with the CIM. A naturally bright boy, he first went “home” to Edinburgh when he was fifteen years old because his father wanted to study medicine to become more useful in his missionary work. After a few years, George’s older sister returned to China as [...]

“God’s guidance for me meant commitment to OMF”

Doh Moon Gap, who was formerly working for Korean Air Lines, joined OMF Korean Home Council in 1980 and became OMF Home Secretary for Korea. In that role, he not only represented OMF in Korea, but also recruited and trained Korean missionaries to help them prepare to serve overseas. I was brought up in a [...]

Mission Research: Connecting People Today with Their Personal History

“Who influenced my grandfather’s spiritual journey?” That was the gist of the question asked by a Chinese national who contacted our colleagues in Australia. The old family photographs attached to an email included brief inscriptions of names and places written in Chinese and English. When asked “Can you tell me about these people?” the mission research team [...]

Mission Research: Responding to Requests from OMF Leaders

In 2020 the Korean Home Council will be celebrating its forty-year history of sending missionaries to serve with OMF International. As senders, they know the encouragement that comes when one can see what God has done over the years—story by story. And sharing these stories helps mobilize more people for missions. To help tell these [...]

The First North American China Inland Mission Party

David Michell recounts the stirring story of God's work through a fascinating interweaving of lives and events that birthed the missionary movement to China from Canada and New York State. The story traces back to 1885 when Jonathan Goforth received a copy of Hudson Taylor’s China’s Spiritual Need and Claims. At the conference at Niagara-on-the-Lake, [...]

Book review – A Passion for the Impossible: The Continuing Story of the Mission Hudson Taylor Started

A Passion for the Impossible: The Continuing Story of the Mission Hudson Taylor Began By Leslie T. Lyall. Newington Green: London, OMF books, 1976. ISBN 0 85363 115 8. 227 pp. In a turbulent world spinning through rapid change, this fact-filled and heart- stirring account of God’s redemptive work in an earlier era marked by upheavals [...]

A Description of CIM Missionary Workers to the Tibetan Highlands Prior to 1950

In this research paper, Zi Yu presents the sociodemographic characteristics of early CIM pioneers who sought to take the gospel to the Tibetan plateau prior to the withdrawal of CIM from China in 1952. Based on data extracted from China's Millions and the CIM Registry, the paper describes key characteristics of the sixty nine CIM [...]

God’s Mission to the Lisu

The article focuses on one of the most familiar stories in CIM/OMF history told in the biographies of J. O. Fraser and books by Leila Cooke and Isobel Kuhn. Is it possible to say anything new? Are we familiar with the other missionaries who labored among the Lisu? This article tells some things in a [...]

Surrounded by So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

This article dips into CIM history and recounts stories from China’s Millions from 1927. The later part of the 1920s was a time of great turbulence in China. Chinese Christians and non-Christians together suffered under horrendous conditions and the missionaries were not immune to this suffering. Claire is the Archivist at the International Center and [...]

“Jesus, Crowned with Glory and Honour”

An article from China’s Millions (June 1912) by George Gibb who was CIM General Director from 1935 to 1940. The article includes stories of several Chinese who heard and responded to the gospel and how they remained faithful in their faith until death. Born in Aberdeen in 1869, George Gibb trained as a teacher before [...]

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