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12 November 2019

God specialises in the unexpected

In 1990, there were about 150,000 Chinese people living in Japan. Today more than 700,000 live in this land. Will God use those Chinese immigrants and students to bring the gospel to Japanese? Will Japanese accept the message of God through Chinese?

To answer these questions, it is worth considering what kind of people we see in the Bible who were used by God to take his message to the people. Four notable examples—Jesus the carpenter, Paul the persecutor, Peter the fisherman, and John the Baptist the wild man living in the wildness eating honey and locusts. Did they look like a typical preacher types or very unlikely types to be God’s messengers? God did use very unlikely and unexpected people to surprise people with his surprising message. And he still uses this method.

Who is the most unlikely and unexpected people group to share the Gospel with Japanese people? Perhaps Chinese—there is some difficult history between the two peoples.

But what is happening among Chinese people around the world? The Spirit is touching them so that they are enthusiastic for God and his mission to reach the whole world with the gospel. The Chinese Christians in Tokyo are no exception. One of the biggest churches in this city is a Chinese church and some Japanese attend its Sunday service and enjoy the fellowship with its Chinese members. And many of those Japanese people were initially invited to come to the church by their Chinese friends. This is another example of God’s pattern of using the unexpected in evangelism.

Image by David Mark at Pixabay

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that God would continue to bring the gospel to Japan by unexpected means.
  • Pray that the Chinese in Japan would be passionate about telling their neighbours, classmates, and workmates about Jesus.
  • Pray that, with a greater number of foreigners coming to Japan, God would bring many Christians here.


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