Choo has been a regular at the Pearl Family Garden since the beginning. Her whereabouts are often a mystery, sometimes she slept rough, other times she found shelter with acquaintances. Over the years, she’s disappeared suddenly for months at a time and then returned.

Choo makes the beaded crosses that we sell as ornaments. She cannot stand noise. It irritates her, sometimes to the point where she will slam the door or explode in anger. But Choo’s condition has improved a lot over the past few months.

She told Pauline, “I want to be reunited with my family.”

Pauline gave her some advice. “You have to see a doctor, find a job and a place to stay, then your family will accept you. Otherwise, they will be afraid and not want to have anything to do with you.”

Choo accepted Pauline’s advice. She allowed Pauline to take her to a psychiatrist. She was hospitalized for a few months before she was sent to a shelter for homeless people and given a part-time cleaning job. Her health condition was assessed so that she could apply for social welfare. Choo finally has a roof over her head. She lives in a halfway house for mental patients.

It is a miracle that Choo is willing to accept help, from Pauline, the psychiatrist and social worker. She used to be very suspicious and unable to trust people in authority. God is able to do much more than what we expect. We are beginning to see the fruit of all these years of accompaniment! Pray that Choo will continue on the road to recovery and that her faith will increase as she experiences our Father’s grace and provision.

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