The cover photographs show different ways in which OMF workers have shared the gospel in East Asia since the 1950s.

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness

The connection between God’s glory and the preaching of the gospel is significant. God is glorified as the gospel is preached and as it is believed. For this reason, it is essential that we know what the gospel is, how it is good news for people today, and how it can be rightly shared in our context. During the first week of June 2019, OMF held its sixth Mission Research Consultation on the theme “Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in All its Fullness” and discussed how it impacts our ministry. Four of the major papers from the Consultation form the bulk of this issue of Mission Round Table, each one pushing our understanding of the gospel in a slightly different direction.

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Dialoguing and Decentring in the Search for the Full Gospel in Local Contexts

Many churches are better at converting people than discipling them, and in many situations discipleship needs to go beyond traditional ideas of prayer, Bible reading, and church attendance. In that sense, the gospel delivered to those new to the faith can often be reductionist or truncated. This paper considers different ways in which both the [...]

The Good News in a World of Aesthetics

This paper demonstrates that aesthetics challenges Christians in our contextual relationship with an aesthetics-dominated society, in our formulation of a theology that will make sense in this world while remaining faithful to Scripture, and in our practice of being the church. It shows the missiological implications are so great that we need to invest in [...]

A Response to “The Good News in a World of Aesthetics”

Picking up Gantenbein’s call in "The Good News in a World of Aesthetics" to thinking and engagement, Eastwood applies these ideas to his own interaction with people while growing up in England and working in Taiwan. His reflection on these concepts in the light of artistic and architectural aesthetics in traditional Chinese culture calls us [...]

The Gospel of Liberation and the Implications for the Church in Relation to People with Disabilities

This paper is about the liberating message of the gospel and makes some applications to the church in relation to people with disabilities. Rowan encourages us to adopt Jesus’ agenda as laid out by Luke who shows that the liberating message of the gospel is first preached in peripheral places, integrates the teaching of the [...]

Living with Disability by His Grace

Peter Rowan's ideas in "The Gospel of  Liberation and the Implications for the Church in Relation to People with Disabilities" are personalized by Yao who describes his own experience. Knowing that Jesus journeys with him in his disability helps Yao in day-to-day life and as he accompanies and ministers to people with different disabilities. He [...]

Presenting the Good News as a Blessing: A Case Study among Filipino Folk Catholics

This paper examines the way the gospel answers the ardent longings Filipino folk Catholics have for blessing. By examining the way his preunderstandings interfaced with the ideas of those with whom he worked, Andy Smith helps us see the importance of cultural exegesis of oneself and one’s target culture so that the gospel can be [...]

Sharing the Gospel as a Blessing in Taiwan: A Response to “Presenting the Good News as a Blessing”

Nathan Keller describes ways in which Andy Smith’s approach in "Presenting the Good News as a Blessing" can be applied to his own ministry situation in Taiwan where people also desire to be blessed. But whether people seek blessing or something else, gospel messengers need to understand their cultural context, identify things that are highly [...]

How would they react?

The article supplies a model for delivering a first-person, narrative talk based upon a biblical text. Assuming the persona of a witness to the healing of the lame beggar by Peter and John, Brian Powell considers all of the people present and asks, “How would they react?” Brian Powell worked with the Manobo people in [...]

Book review – Building Bridges to Oral Cultures

Reviewed by Iljo de Keijzer OMF missionary serving in the Philippines Carla and Jim Bowman began working in the 1980s among the indigenous people of South America. Their initial focus was on Scripture engagement. When they realized many people could not read well, their logical response was to teach literacy. At some point, they realized [...]

Book review – Women in God’s Mission: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead

Reviewed by Eunice Au In this book, the author shares research she has gathered from personal interviews of women from approximately thirty nations. Each was selected because they were respected by colleagues and were able to serve and lead with excellence and integrity in God’s mission. Lederleitner brings the voices of these women to the [...]

Book review – William Shellabear: A Biography

Reviewed by Ka-Neng Au Librarian at OMF International Hunt’s biography brings to life a complex and brilliant Englishman who started his professional career in the military (posted by the Corps of Royal Engineers to Singapore to oversee the development of its harbor defences), then in ministry (missionary and mission leader in the Singapore District of [...]

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