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30 July 2019

The Faith of Taiwanese co-workers

We are in constant awe of Taiwanese co-workers, Jordan and Bella. They have been serving part-time in an OMF church plant in Zhongpu. This was to see if they would be a good fit to pastor the church when the missionaries move on. Even though  the church is not yet fully independent financially yet, they have decided to commit to this ministry.

Before deciding, they were in contact with a Taiwan organization that is also working in rural areas. Joining this established organization would afford them not only a stable income but even retirement and other benefits to boot! The only problem is, it was not guaranteed that they would be able to continue ministering in Zhongpu. They could be moved anywhere by the organization.

Once again, burdened for their village, Xinghuabu, and the Zhongpu area, they have chosen the more difficult road. They feel it is the Lord’s leading and are trusting Him to provide for their family, including their toddler and baby. They entered this decision with a lot of prayer and not a little anxiety. Once they made the decision, however, they felt at peace. They are confident that their lives and ministry are in the Lord’s hands.


– Seann & Amy, Church Planters

(Zhongpu Village, Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan)

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