One thing that has been surprising about uni student ministry in Chiayi is the number of young Christian men who want to grow in their knowledge of the Word and their love of Jesus.

After starting a student fellowship meeting in October 2018 in the coffee shop, we began to meet with interested students for one-on-one discipleship. However, the number of guys has been overwhelming. By Spring 2019, Seann found himself meeting one-on-one with four young men–2 students and 2 young men who are already graduated and working. He decided that, while it was good to meet with these men one-on-one, they also needed to have strong peer relationships. So, Seann started a men’s group and began to study the life of David with them. One of the men invited another student who also joined the group. So, including Seann, it is a group of six men.

When another student, Mike, approached Seann about studying the Bible with him one-on-one, Seann knew he needed to do something different. There was no way he could meet with all of these men one-on-one.


Discples multiplying disciples

Our long-term vision of seeing disciples multiply disciples came into play as Seann asked one of the men in his group, David, to meet with him and Mike to study the Bible, but have David lead the study as they were going to read through Ephesians with Mike, which Seann and David had already done. David agreed to give it a shot.

Their first meeting together, David did an incredible job of leading the study and answering Mike’s questions. Although Seann was there for support, he found that David really could have done the study with Mike on his own.

Praise God for the fruit He is producing in the lives of these young men. It’s truly been a joy to see their passion for the Lord and how it is effecting those around them.


– Seann & Amy, University Ministry

(Chiayi City, Southern Taiwan)

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