Growing up near the coast in a Western country, I often went fishing. We would hook live shrimp as bait to catch salt-water fish. Never did I think that I would one day use a smaller fishing pole and tiny hooks to catch shrimp!

In our community in central Taiwan is a shrimp fishing place. Outside is a tank with live Thailand Shrimp (the largest kind of shrimp I have ever seen). Inside is a fresh water tank about seven meters long, three meters wide, and two meters deep.

Sitting around the tank on stools are people hoping to catch a big lot of shrimp to take home for the next meal. We enjoy taking our boys shrimp fishing, where you pay by the hour.

OMF Taiwan missionary, Nathan, takes his son shrimp fishing and gets to know other working class men

The catch…?

One day our five year old son, J.J., saw a big male shrimp on the bottom of the tank through the clear, cool water. We dangled the baited double hook a few feet in front of the monster shrimp. We waited, hoping that he would come and munch on the trap we set. The monster shrimp moved closer and closer.

Suddenly, we could no longer see the baited hook. J.J. tugged on the pole, and the pole begin to bend sharply. He pulled the pole up, and a monster Thailand shrimp was lifted out of the water towards us. The shrimp was so big that the owner came to take a picture!

Fun and Discipleship

When done, the owners will cook the shrimp for us on site, so we can eat them (and whatever else we order) before we go home.

Shrimp fishing is a fun family activity. It is also a fun way that we can deepen relationship and interact with working class people we are sharing the gospel with and discipling in the Christian faith.


– Nathan, Ministry Team Leader

(Taiping, Taichung City, Central Taiwan)

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