Jenny is a 23 year old single girl living in Taiping with her family. She has been working at various factories ever since she graduated from high school. When we met her, she was 18 years old.

Jenny comes from a working class family and has three younger siblings. Her father is a massage therapist, and her mother is a homemaker. At first she told us that she had no idea what Christians believe and had never heard of the Gospel before.

Committing to following Jesus

We shared many Bible stories with her through meals at our house. We went out for coffee, for various activities, and even introduced her to other Christians. After a year and half of knowing her, she committed her life to following Jesus.

Jenny has a desire to seek after God’s Word and continues to come to different activities that we have. However, during the time before she decided to follow Jesus, she started dating a guy at work. This guy is not a Christian and has no interest in learning more about Christianity. They are currently still dating and pursuing marriage in the near future.

Girl and boy playing prize games


Jenny feels torn because she wants to marry a Christian guy but would feel bad for breaking up with her boyfriend just because he is a non-Christian. There is also pressure from her parents for her to get married.

This is an issue that is quite common amongst young Christians in Taiwan today. Young Christian women want to get married but find it hard to find Christian guys to marry.


– Tina, Ministry Team Member and Regional Coordinator

(Taiping, Taichung City, Central Taiwan)

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