What it's like to teach missionaries

I have been working as a language teacher for nearly twenty years in Taiwan. I love my job and I’m much obliged to all the language students of mine, especially the dear missionaries from OMF.

The OMF missionaries spend the beginning of their time in Taiwan learning the languages. How blessed I am to meet them when they first come here! I may have taught those missionaries some language skills. But I have also learned a lot about God and His love from them, which is very important and precious to me.

Through my time teaching them, I’ve gotten more experienced in teaching Mandarin and Taiwanese, and I’ve become more patient and calmer. I have much more self-confidence as a language teacher than I did when I first started. These are some of the great benefits to my job!

The best part is that I can ask the OMF missionaries questions about Christianity and the Bible. Their answers always inspire me to get closer to God and help me grow in my faith. I’m grateful to God for giving me such a wonderful job! May God bless us all!

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Shows a new worker playing monopoly with a friend's family during Chinese New Year