“The night before the fast starts is an important time in for my Muslim neighbours. There’s a sense of anticipation – this is a very special month and they’ve have been looking forward to it for some weeks now.
Some of them will be watching Ramadan-related shows on TV, which feature prominently throughout the fasting month. Those who will be selling special food for breaking the fast are already busy with their preparations for all that will involve the next day. Women are checking they have everything they need to cook the pre-dawn meal. Some might phone their elderly relatives to check they have remembered that they need to start the fast tomorrow.
Ramadan marks the time Muslims believe the Qur’ran was first revealed to Mohammed. But is also great time for followers of Jesus to pray. To pray for God to bless East and Southeast Asia’s Muslims. And to pray that they would learn more about Jesus.”

From a local follower of Jesus in Southeast Asia

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