House church plant in Puxin

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A challenge

The whole thing was a challenge.

Like the average person, the way I communicate with locals is often not very smooth. I make one phone call, realised I’ve left out something important, and had to make another phone call back to back with the same person.

And when I make these perceived mistakes, it’s easy for me to ruminate on it and think over it. My challenge is to direct those moments to God in prayer.

The challenges that come with partnership is just a part of our lives. There are other challenges in other parts of life and ministry. The blessings come when we can share our challenges, struggles and pain with our partners.

A blessing for all

One of our most challenging ministry contacts is the Lim family, but we’re able to involve brother Wang in the whole process. He visited the family with us, attended the baptism, accompanied us during a police report, and when the family stopped attending our house church, he remained a healthy and concerned attitude. This is how this partnership become a blessing for all parties.

– Jason Tam, Puxin Township, Changhua County

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Prayer with partners in Puxin