Prayer with partners in Puxin

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Prayer and Decision making

In the case of the potential partnership with the Evangelical Formosan Church pastor (see part 1), we prayed with our team mates Lizzy and Cheryl quite desperately. In general, partnerships and communications involve a lot of decision making and a lot of micro decision making. There’s a lot of space to make mistakes, and relationships are at stake. So we pray for God’s grace in every step, and God’s mercy for the missteps.

Personally, when I interact with senior men in Asian contexts, I tend to be overly reserved. So in my case, I need to intentionally be open and honest about my thoughts and vision for the ministry. In the case of Presbyterian church, that seems to help things move forward.

A dance

Finally, I like the analogy of dancing when I think about partnership. We have a different pace and tempo. So a key to making our partnership work is to find out what our pace is, and to make something smooth and graceful out of it.


– Jason Tam, Puxin Township, Changhua County

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