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23 December 2018

Christmas in Japan: students sharing God’s love

Even in Japan Christmas comes early and almost every shop and cafe weighs in on the act. In November I walked past a hair salon that looked more like a Santa’s Grotto.

There is one Christmas “product” which actually receives far too little prominence, though it is easily the best. It is the message that—Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. But this year I was ready.

So, back in October, before any shop windows started turning red and green, I began urging the Christian students I work with to think about how they can help their friends get their hands on this most exciting of Christmas offerings.

You may think that Japanese non-Christians wouldn’t be interested in a message of rescue from sin, but that’s not true. Even if it isn’t on the surface of their minds, there’s a pretty much universal awareness of a need to have hearts cleaned and guilt removed. As one Japanese friend, who became a Christian at university, said to me, “Students desperately need grace—please tell them about grace!”

As I write this a few weeks before Christmas, I don’t yet know how effective my early Christmas pitch will prove to be. But you can help: pray Christian students will have the boldness to invite, prayerfulness, and joy at having received rescue from sin. And pray for hearts prepared and ready to receive the gift with overflowing thanks.

By Richard, an OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for the many Christmas events on campus or at church, that the gospel message of Christmas would be clearly and faithfully proclaimed.
  • Pray for Christian students to be bold in inviting friends and handing out fliers and that many guests will attend.
  • Pray that many more in Japan will come to know that joy of receiving the best Christmas ‘product’ and being rescued from sin.


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