Global Prayer for the Tai Dam


You may have never met a Tai Dam person. Never climbed the steps up into their home or sat around the fire with them. Never eaten their sticky rice or listened to their singing. You may not meet a single one of them until Heaven, but you can have an influence on them today through your prayers.

Right now, as never before, the Gospel of Jesus is being made declared and demonstrated to the Tai Dam people. New areas are being engaged for the first time. Tai Dam are hearing the Good News. Disciples are being made, churches are being formed, and leaders are being developed.

But the fruit that results from all these activities is dependent on the prayers of God’s people. This was a lesson understood by James O. Fraser, a pioneer missionary among the Lisu people 100 years ago:

“It was necessary for him to go around among the Lisu, preaching, teaching, exhorting, and rebuking, but the progress among them depended almost entire ‘on the state of the Spiritual Tide in the village,’ a condition which, he believed, his supporters could control on their knees as well as he could.” (Mountain Rain)

The same is true today. Your prayers till the soil and water the seeds that are planted, producing a harvest “filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.” (Philippians 1:11)

Over the coming days, believers around the world will be united in prayer for the Tai Dam people. Many have signed up so that there is an unbroken chain of non-stop prayer. Many more will join in as often as they are able and we are confident that we will see breakthroughs among the Tai Dam as a result.

Will you join us?


The Tai Dam people are scattered in six different countries. Learn more about the Tai Dam here.

Please pray with us for the Tai Dam people from September 16th to 30th.

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