The 21st century has fully settled into Cambodia’s embrace as public transport goes online.
We can get tuk-tuk taxis  that charge by meter, hence much cheaper, from an apps. Many drivers are switching to them, even though some have yet to know how to read google maps, while others are veterans of the roads that spread vein-like all over the city.
Best of all, there are drivers who love to chat, and hence give me a chance to share the gospel as they move me to my destinations.
Because of my administrative roles I work mostly with missionaries – hence contact time with Khmers is reduced. Thank God for such opportunities.
Once I was able to encourage a believer to return to worship God at his church, which he had left some time before. Another time, I was able to answer a question bothering another driver, who wondered why Cambodian Christians are not allowed to hold joss sticks nor worship in a temple. Though I was in a daze, having to deal with a queasy stomach, God showed me what I could say to the man. May God’s Word return to him bearing fruit.

Will you pray for Cambodia?

  • Give thanks for the opportunities Rebecca has had to share the gospel and encourage Christians while travelling around the city.
  • Pray for the driver Rebecca was able to share the gospel with. Pray that he may come to know the Lord.


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