Kimie* became a Christian while in her teens and had been attending church faithfully for over a decade, but she still hadn’t really experienced how Jesus could help her in the problems of her daily life.

“I’m struggling with something at work,” she confided in me, “and I’ve prayed about this for over a year now, but I still can’t see any change. Actually, the problem is with me—I often lose my temper. My boss has even scolded me a few times about my attitude. And I’m the only Christian at my workplace! What should I do?”

“How have you been praying about it?” I asked her.

“When I drive to work in the morning, I ask God to give me patience. At night as I lie in bed, I ask God to forgive me for losing my temper yet again, and I ask Him to change my heart. Then I fall asleep.

”The door was open to talk about prayer. I encouraged Kimie to devote time each day to listening to God through reading His word and also to just sit with Him and wait for Him to respond to her. I recommended she treat him like a person she loved: to give Him the best of her time, lots of it, not just the bits squeezed in here or there. I explained that only through spending more time with Jesus can we become more like Him.

I was really excited when we met a couple of months later and Kimie told me that not only had her heart grown, changed, and become softer; but that even her boss had noticed and praised her for her changed attitude.

It’s so wonderful how God can change us! It’s also wonderful to be here in Japan, to be available to have conversations like the one I had with my friend, to be part of what God is already doing in Japan.

How can you be part of what God is doing in the nations? And by the way, how’s your prayer life?

*Name has been changed

By Christina, an OMF missionary

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for Japanese Christians like Kimie who are the only Christian in their workplace to be good witnesses to their colleagues.
  • Pray for those who struggle to find time to spend with God when they work such long hours.
  • May we all prioritise time for prayer each day, whether praying for Japan or for the people we meet at work.


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