What does sharing the Good News look like in Vietnam?

For Kate* this has meant moving to a suburb of the city where she works in order to be part of a small, local church and participate in the life of that fellowship. With the intention of sharing the gospel in all its fullness at every opportunity, she is choosing to live among the Vietnamese and adopt a similar lifestyle. As the only foreigner in her apartment block she is well known, and that brings lots of openings to get to know people!

Vietnamese culture is one of open community where neighbours know your movements and will ask where you’ve been and where you’re going along with many more personal questions. Some have even knocked on Kate’s door to ask her to teach English to their children. In this setting Kate is inviting her neighbours into her home to share food and share lives; as she does this she seeks to find out their hopes and fears and talks freely of the difference Jesus makes in her life. As she discovers those who are open hearted to learn more she is planning a regular group where she can begin to tell them God’s story, beginning from creation.

*name changed.

Will you pray for the East Asian Church?

Give thanks for the opportunities Kate has to share the good news with people in her apartment block.

Pray for Kate as she builds relationships with her neighbors, that they would be able to get to know each other well and share life together.

Pray for those who hear – that God would draw them to himself.


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