Asher County


This month we are praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for the Bouyei people in these areas, we will hear testimonies as though spoken by the places themselves. Today, we hear the story of “Asher” county.

I am considered one of the centers of Bouyei culture, but Bouyei people are still a minority within my borders. People travel from all over China and the world to see my historical and cultural sites. In fact, I was once a center of the ancient people group that the modern-day Bouyei people find their roots in. Today I am the seat of the regional government for several of the major Bouyei counties.

I boast a large and well-connected city with many modern conveniences and facilities. And yet while churches exist within my county, there is a still a great lack of reproducing groups. How will the people of my city and villages know of the atonement through Jesus Christ? Their iniquities continue to pile up until someone tells them of God’s wonderful forgiveness. Pray for this message to penetrate soon, that this ancient Bouyei kingdom may soon become a kingdom of priests to the Lord.

“When iniquities prevail against me, You atone for our transgressions.” (Psalm 65:3)

Father, we thank You that You have atoned for the sin of all Your Bouyei children. May they turn to You with their sin and receive Your forgiveness.


Most of the 3 million Bouyei people live in Guizhou Province in China. Less than 0.0003% is Christian. Learn more about the Bouyei here.

Will you please pray with us for the Bouyei people during the month of May?

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