How did you know God was calling you to world mission?

Actually, I was interested in pastoral ministry in my homeland, not world mission. But, I attended the big mission gathering named “Mission Korea” and was challenged to do a short-term mission placement for one year. It was not easy; difficult conversation, unfamiliar weather, hard-to-eat food and being homesick.

However, there were also many joys and surprises from God. I could see the growth of the church and the spread of the gospel even to very remote places. It was a great chance to see how the kingdom of God was being completed. Through that time, I wanted to take part in world mission as a part of God’s plan. I could feel that God called me to His mission!

What one thing best prepared you for ministry on the field?

My short-term mission experience has helped me to understand and adapt to cross-cultural experiences. Especially, what I already know of the local language was a very big benefit when I returned as a long-term worker and has helped prepare me for future ministry. I think the experience of language learning while on a short-term mission trip is very useful even if someone does not return to that same country when they return as a long-term mission worker.

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What was the most challenging part of your journey to mission?

Waiting for God’s timing was the most challenging part of my mission journey. I didn’t know when God would send me back to the mission field, so I needed to have patience. Sometimes I was nervous that I could not go. And when this happened, I couldn’t do anything but hold onto God’s promises. It takes a long time to be a missionary, but God’s timing is always correct.

Advice for others?

Don’t be afraid! Pursue long-term mission! So many presents from God are waiting for you!


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