Simeon County


This month we are praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for the Bouyei people in these areas, we will hear testimonies as though spoken by the places themselves. Today, we hear the story of “Simeon” county.

Life in my county is dominated by one large city that serves as a prefectural capital. Bouyei people do not make up a large percentage of my population, but I am still an important part of this region’s Bouyei life and culture.

Tourism and industry have swept through, changing much about the daily lives of Bouyei and Han people in my county. Little in life here is enduring, and to be honest, little is kind. People go about their work and go home, rinse and repeat. Hope is fleeting.

Many Chinese Muslims live in my main city, but few if any Bouyei people follow Islam. At the same time, house churches are also absent from my city. There are believers, even Bouyei believers, but to the best knowledge of outside Christian networks, there are no house churches meeting. God is reigning, but His reign has gone largely unrealized up to now in this modernizing place.

“Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures throughout all generations. The LORD is faithful in all His words and kind in all His works.” (Psalm 145:13)

God, Your kingdom is everlasting and enduring. In times of rapid change, show the Bouyei people that You are a God who does not change.


Most of the 3 million Bouyei people live in Guizhou Province in China. Less than 0.0003% is Christian. Learn more about the Bouyei here.

Will you please pray with us for the Bouyei people during the month of May?

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