“Daniels” are our newest members – those in their first year on the feld, fully immersed in language study and cultural observation, interaction and understanding.
The name of this special group of members comes from Daniel in the Bible, who spent his initial years in Babylon studying their language, history and culture. As the Biblical Daniel left his old life behind and chose to give himself faithfully to what was required of him in a new place, God remained with him and equipped him for godly, wise and infuential service in a foreign land.

The mission of the Daniel program is to equip our members and encourage learning actvities so as to enhance their language and cultural efectveness. The Daniel program helps lay a foundation for what we pray will be effective, God-led and –enabled ministry in the future. New members generally spend their first year in full -time language study, while also visiting various ministry teams and Khmer churches and growing in understanding of Cambodian culture.

On a very real note…though it is exciting to finally be on the field, new members can experience major loss of identity and daily lessons in humility as they struggle to communicate and to navigate unfamiliar customs and expectations. Each new member brings with them a wealth of life experiences and unique giftings…yet here,within our team and especially amongst the Khmer, each one is initially “unknown”.
By Rebecca Lee

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