Zebulun County


This month we will be praying through the different places where Bouyei people live. About 98% live in China, and of those 85% call Guizhou province home, concentrated in 13 main counties. Due to security, we will refer to these 13 counties using names of the tribes of Israel. As we pray for the Bouyei people in these areas, we will hear testimonies as though spoken by the places themselves. Today, we will start with the story of “Zebulun” county.

I am sandwiched between a couple of popular tourist areas, and I boast some beautiful unique landforms and natural scenery. I have been connected to the rest of the province by a highway for longer than many Bouyei counties, and yet I am considered to be a little backwards. Outsiders don’t often find their way to my streets, and the sight of foreigners walking down the street is certainly an uncommon one!

For a time, a Christian family from another place came and lived in my streets. They found it hard to communicate with the majority Bouyei people in the area due to not knowing their language. While they were here, a group of Bouyei students came to faith in Christ, but the Christian family went back home shortly afterward. Since there are no churches or other believers in my county (at least none known to other groups in the province), those students were connected with a small network of churches in a neighboring county. For the other 300,000 people who live within my borders, little witness to Christ remains. They are lost until someone brings the good news here.

“There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.” (Psalm 19-3-4a)

Lord, You have revealed yourself throughout nature and all are without excuse, but we plead with You to have mercy on the lost Bouyei people.


Most of the 3 million Bouyei people live in Guizhou Province in China. Less than 0.0003% is Christian. Learn more about the Bouyei here.

Will you please pray with us for the Bouyei people during the month of May?

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