Pray Psalms for the Bouyei


The Month of Prayer for the Bouyei People started in 2014 and we were immediately impressed by how much God did in just that one month. Since then, God has continued to exceed our expectations each May, as we see people coming to faith, breakthroughs in Bouyei believer’s lives, many answers to long-standing personal requests, key partnerships formed, and countless other answers to specific prayers for the Bouyei People. Aside from all that has been accomplished in the Bouyei work in May (which probably exceeds the sum total of what is accomplished during the other 11 months of the year), the Month of Prayer has certainly caused us to increase our faith in God!

Prayer is not just a simple enumeration of requests or a list of praises to God. Prayer is an act that should involve our emotions: wonder at the greatness of God, humble confession and godly sorrow for sin, gratitude at his gifts and answers to prayer, and passionate pleading for our needs and the advance of his kingdom. In this emotional endeavor, sometimes our words lag behind our feelings in being able to express our hearts to God. But God has provided a rich treasury in his Word to assist us in talking with him from our hearts: the Psalms.

We have been praying through the Psalms on behalf of the Bouyei for the past two years. We invite you to join us using these 3 Psalms to lift up the Bouyei people. Please join us as we explore Bouyei places and age groups, using the verses from the Psalms to express our hopes for the Bouyei people to the Lord.

Most of the 3 million Bouyei people live in Guizhou Province in China. Less than 0.0003% is Christian. Learn more about the Bouyei here.

Will you please pray with us for the Bouyei people during the month of May?

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