Not everyone can go on a short-term placement or go long-term. But at OMF we believe everyone has a place in mission, including supporting and praying for short- and long-term workers.

Here are eight things you can be praying about for all our Serve Asia workers:

1. Preparation

There’s lots of practical preparations that need to be made for serving in East Asia from booking plane tickets to arranging travel money. Then there’s the work of learning about the background and culture of the place they will be serving in. Do pray that these aspects of the preparation will go well. But most of all, pray for Serve Asia workers to be spiritually and mentally prepared for the mission and have a heart ready to serve God. Pray they would be ready to hear from God and delight to obey him.

2. On mission

Arriving in a new place can be overwhelming at first. Pray for the Serve Asia workers to adapt to the culture, people, language and different climate well. Pray they would build good relationships with the people they are with. Pray, too, for opportunities to share the gospel and encourage the people they are with.

3. Physical protection

Pray that Serve Asia workers would be kept safe and healthy. Particularly pray for wisdom for the workers and those making arrangements for them as they decide where to go and what to do. Pray that they would go where God wills them to.

4. Spiritual protection

Pray that Serve Asia workers would be aware of the spiritual battle and continually trust and rely on God and be kept close to Him, keeping their spiritual armour on, especially among the different beliefs of people in the places they are serving.

5. Growing relationships with God and others

Lots of new friendships will be made – do pray for those, but pray that the Serve Asia workers would grow in their relationship with God. Pray they would know him more, trust him and look to him, both in good and hard times. Pray they would hear from him about their place in mission in future as well.

Many Serve Asia workers will be part of international teams- pray for good working relationships and that their teamwork and love for one another would be a witness to those around them.

6. Learning

Pray that the Serve Asia workers would learn more of how God is working in another culture and amongst a different people, learning from those around them.

7. Serving

Pray they would be able to serve God and be used by him. Pray they would remain in Jesus and bear much fruit (John 15:5).

8. Practicalities

There are many practical things that need to work well on the placements – please pray that these would fall into place. Pray too that any disruptions or changes to the plan would also serve to advance the gospel.


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