The rain beats heavily upon Mr. Bay’s motorbike helmet, to the point where he can no longer see and has to pull off the road.

What was supposed to be a quick 30-minute ride to a group of villages in the Mekong region will now take at least an hour. It’s a good thing rain like this comes and goes. It pours quickly, flooding streets and rice fields, then stops just as quickly, as bright yellow rays break through gray clouds.

Mr. Bay prays that God’s light will shine in this group of villages.

There is one ray of hope in the form of, Pawn, a young woman who recently put her faith in Jesus.

This young girl was afflicted with a disease that meant she could not walk for weeks. Pawn’s family heard about Jesus and recently met believers in the nearby town and decided to follow him. They returned to their village with basic knowledge of a God who could heal.

Mr. Bay is on his way to follow up with Pawn and her family.

Mr. Bay reaches Pawn’s wooden house on stilts and notices she seems downcast. Her uncle, the local village headman, has ordered Pawn and her family to no longer follow this “foreign religion.” The family no longer receives Mr. Bay with the warmth he had experienced in town. Tears pour down Pawn’s face as she expresses her decision to honor her family and turn away from Jesus.

This family was so close, yet so far. If only Mr. Bay had more time to disciple the whole family. If only the seeds could go a little deeper. If only…

As Mr. Bay leaves Pawn’s house, the clouds darken and the rain begins to fall again.

Will you pray for Mekong Minorities?

  • Pray for those like Pawn who are sincerely open to Jesus. Ask that God would heal her and use her as a catalyst for a faith community to form in her village.
  • This cluster of villages has seen several families profess faith in Jesus, but almost all have rejected him under pressure from friends and local leaders. Pray for the ones who have walked away from Jesus to return to him. Ask that the seeds of the gospel would find good soil and bear fruit a hundredfold.


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