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Christmas is a special time of the year for many of us in different ways – as Christians we remember the birth of Christ and through the month of December how the people of God was awaiting the Christ to come and set them free. Christmas is also a special season here in Myanmar (and Southeast Asia), it gives a rare opportunity to share the gospel among the many Buddhist groups in the country. All through December we can freely share the gospel, have Christmas celebrations and do outreach in surrounding villages.

Almost all our local partner churches are having events to reach out to their Buddhist brothers and sisters. We have arranged Christmas celebrations for the local kids where they will hear the gospel and even at the biggest school in town will we have a gospel presentation for the 2800 kids at the school. Even though many are presented with the gospel during this month of December, there are still lots of people who have not yet hear the gospel and who are awaiting their saviour.

Christmas gives great opportunities in other areas as well. We have been running a children’s club for almost 2 years, although for the past 5 months we have been away and had another Sunday school teacher run the weekly programs. Slowly many of the children stopped coming until there was only 5 left as the parents did not want their children to just hear about Jesus. When we came back the other week we made sure to greet the parents and ask them to make sure their children would come and showed interest in their children. Recently we had our first children club since we had been away and had 24 kids and 2 adults come hear about how Jesus came for them because he loves them – some how Christmas is a time where people are more open to hear about Jesus, as it is our special festival people are willing to listen.

Will you pray for Mekong Minorities?

Please pray for

More servant workers to join with Mekong Minorities.

Open hearts and for the many opportunities to share the gospel around Christmas time. 

The children at the children’s club – that may would come to know Jesus personally.

Good follow up from Christmas outreaches across the Mekong region.


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